Ferplast Desco Wood 07 KC59 деревянные подстаканники со стальными мисками для кошек и собак, 54,2x28,6x16 см

Производитель: Ferplast
Код Товара: fr-70010358
Наличие: Наличие уточняйте
Артикул: 70010358

  • 938.00грн.

О производителе


Desco Wood makes it possible to provide your furry friend food and water at the same time, hygienically and safely. Featuring a basic style, it consists of a robust bowl-holding base made from Tree Friend wood, which comes from forests managed according to principles of ecological sustainability, complete with Orion stainless steel bowls, which are hygienic, tough and easy to handle, thanks to the useful outer rim.The base has anti-slip rubber feet, guaranteeing maximum stability. The product is easy to take care of, as the bowls can be removed, allowing normal cleaning operations. The Desco Wood bowl-holders for dogs and cats are available in various sizes. The smallest model, Desco Wood 03, which is also suitable for cats, has an overall capacity of 1.7 litres and comes with 2 Orion KC 54 bowls. The 05 and 07 models have capacities of 3.6 and 5.6 litres respectively and are equipped with two Orion KC 56 and Orion KC 58 bowls.
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